Non-Surgical Alternatives to the Treatment of Eye Bags – Fillers and Ulthera


The Eye-Bag is one of the greatest nemesis of my patients.

As we age, the fat right below the eye starts to protrude outwards. To make things worse, we start to lose volume and tissue at the inferior eye margin – giving rise to what is known as a ‘tear trough’ deformity.

The combination of these 2 factors make the eyes look tired, and since eyes are the window to the soul, we see a weary soul when we look into a pair of tired eyes.

Many people have the impression that the only solution to the eye bag is surgery i.e. to remove the excess fat from under the eye. However, in my practice, many have opted not to do surgery, and ask for alternatives.

Volume replacement

My favourite non- surgical treatment for the eye- bag is actually, Fillers.

I use fillers to increase volume under the eyebag, making it look much less prominent. FIllers do wonders for rejuvenation of the eye area at the same time, reducing fine lines and improving dark eye circles.

 By improving the ‘tear trough’ deformity, the eye bags will look much less obvious, and the eye area will look younger and more rejuvenated.

Tighten loose skin

The other goal for the treatment of eye-bags, is to tighten the skin below the eyes. This can be done via lasers (e.g. Fraxel, Gentle Yag), or more recently, the Ulthera procedure. Ultherapy has the duo effect of tightening the skin, and melting away some of the fats in the eye bag as it penetrates deep enough.

In the past, surgery was the only option available to treat eye bags. While surgical blepharoplasty remains the treatment of choice for the more severe cases, modern science has given us more and more non surgical options for eye bags. Speak to your doctor to find out more! 


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