5 Tips to look your best for your Important Event!


We are smack in the midst of the holiday season, and there are parties to attend, weddings to grace and pictures to take! This is the time of the year when we all want to look our best. Here are some tips on how:
1) Regular Maintenance
Beauty begins from inside you, hence it is important to continue exercising, a diet full of fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water to give yourself that healthy glow!
Despite the partying, it is important to be disciplined and adhere to your regular skin care regime to make sure you do not compromise your skin, or worse, suffer from a sudden breakout!
2) Go Easy on the Alcohol and Late Nights
It may be the season to party, but it is also important o know your limits. Late nights and lack of sleep will wreck havoc for your under-eye area by making it look puffy and the eye rings darker than usual. Excessive alcohol dehydrates the skin, causing it to look dull. If you are acne prone or suffer from roseacea, alcohol can also aggravate your condition.
3) Avoid Using New Products, Especially Make-up
There is always a small but definite probability of being allergic to new products. Hence, it may be wise not to change your products near your important event. Make-up, especially, may clog your pores and cause pimples.
To be safe, test your new products in an inconspicuous area such as behind your ear first and make sure your skin does not reach badly if you have an event coming up.
4) Seek Aesthetic Treatment Early
 All aesthetic treatments either come with some downtime (e.g. swelling with injections, redness with lasers) and also take some time to work (even super wrinkle buster Botox takes about 2 weeks for maximal effect!). Hence, visit your doctor early for any treatment you may require.
5) Have a Brightening Facial
Finally, you may decide to opt for a facial a few days before to prepare for your big day. Red carpet facials help to brighten and tighten skin, before your big day.My patients report that their skin looks more radiant, skin texture is smoother, and skin is tighter after the facials!
Happy Holidays!