Its Official! Consuming Less Carbs Helps You Burn More Calories


A Calorie is a Calorie – Or Is it not? 

Calories are very important for our health and wellbeing. But at the same time there can also be problems to begin with. If you eat too many calories, your health is at risk. On top of that, there are a plethora of calorie types, so figuring out which type of calorie you are dealing with is extremely important at this particular time. Some types of calories, for example those that come from carbs are a lot easier to eliminate and that’s why those persons end up losing weight a lot faster.

The Study

A recent study brought in some very interesting ideas regarding calorie burning. Researchers took around 234 overweight people and put them on a strict diet. The idea was to lose around 12% of the body weight. Out of all of them around 164 made the cut. And here there were 3 diets in total, 60% carbohydrates, 40% carbohydrates and 20% carbohydrates. However, every diet had 20% protein to offer the right energy levels. There was basically a combination of high fat or high calorie diet.

They measured the caloric intake in order to see there’s no weight loss or gain for around 20 weeks. After that, the amount of energy expenditure was assessed with double labeled water. The results are great. People in the low carb diet group got to have a very high energy expenditure. They were burning around 209 calories more every day when compared to people with the high carb diet.

A Lower Carb Diet Helps Burn More Calories

This is great because it shows one major thing. The lower carbohydrate diet ends up helping you a lot if you want to lose weight naturally. In the option listed above, you could lose up to 20 pounds in a year, which is quite interesting and unique in its own right. However, it’s a very comprehensive diet and one that comes with amazing potential.


There aren’t many good studies about caloric intake and weight loss. Thanks to this study, you can easily see that the low-carb diets increase total calories out. This is a great starting point in your weight loss journey. But does this guarantee that you will lose weight? No, instead you do need to adjust your diet and also track your lifestyle to avoid any possible changes if you can. Does this mean that the low-carb diets are great for losing weight all the time?

They do a very good job at helping you start this journey. However you do need to exercise and also lose smart. Dieting and exercising are very important and they play a major role with this entire process. It’s definitely not a walk in the park to lose weight, especially if you need to eliminate a lot of it. But it can totally do wonders, all you have to do is to make the right pick and you will be amazed with the way everything pays off in the end! You can speak to your doctor to find out more about how you can optimise your weight loss plan.