Doctor Help! I Have A Pimple! : 7 Essential Tips to Fight the Zit


It’s like a medical emergency of sorts: distressed patients who burst into the consult room all teary eyed. In 2 days they have a (choose one), wedding dinner, photo shoot, big date etc…

I will calm them down, and tell them that there is hope yet!

1) Do not squeeze!

Squeezing the pimple is the worst thing you can do, as this creates trauma to the skin and surrounding tissues, causing more inflammation and more destruction. Squeezing will increase the chances of leaving behind a darkened scar, or a pitted scar;
Squeezing a small pimple, will only serve to convert a SMALL pimple into a BIG pimple.

2) Stay out of the sun

Sun exposure can cause the spot to darken as they heal, leaving behind an unsightly dark spot which may take months to subside, or require a chemical peel or laser to lighten up quickly.

3) No facials and Extraction!

Beauticians often puncture and squeeze pimples. This is the fastest road to a pitted scar. Facials are great for extraction and clearing of clogged pores if you have no pimples, but never go for extraction when you have active pimples or cystic acne.

4) Bring on the spot treatments.

Anyone who is acne prone should always have their pimple spot treatments available. An anti- bacterial lotion (e.g. Radium Skin To The Rescue Spot Treatment) is important. Also choose a spot treatment lotion which contains salicylic acid and some soothing agents to help the pimple heal faster. (e.g. Clearsil has a good range of them)

5) Injection

In my practice, I inject an anti-inflammatory solution into the pimple to bring it down. With this, the pimple usually subsides within a day. However, I use this method only for the most urgent of cases. (e.g. Someone going for a TV shoot the next day!), as it is considered a procedure.

6) Lasers and Lights

This works wonders on pimples, however they take time to work. (usually a week)

7) Give the treatments adequate time!

Finally, all the above methods take some time to work! (even the injections take about a day). Very often, my patients come to me too late, leaving me with not enough time to help fight the pimple. A week would be a good time period.

Prevention is better than cure. Having a good skin care regime will keep the acne under control, and minimize the problem of having to deal with pimples. Consult your doctor for a suitable skin care regime for you!

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Dr Siew is a familiar face in Singapore, with more than 15 years of experience in aesthetic medicine & wellness. Through his website, he educates the public on wellness, anti-ageing treatments to maintain a younger-looking appearance.


  1. You are right about facial and extraction! I went to an well-established facial clinic and they left several marks and pitted holes on my face. They then claimed that those holes are already formed before they extract. Is that really true? I've went back to sought a solution from them but they kept saying its due to the speed of recovery of my skin. I think i need your verification on the

  2. Hi Simplicity, <br /><br />when you pick or squeeze at pimples, you are creating trauma to the skin, and that indeed can lead to scars. <br /><br />I cannot comment whether you had the scars before extraction, but you can compare yr old and current photos to get an idea. <br /><br />Unfortunately, after pitted scars are formed, you will require some form of resurfcing to treat it. <br /><br />Dr

  3. Dear Kristy, <br /><br />You are prone to the skin thinning effects of steroids. In that case, it may be best if you avoid them. <br /><br />Alternatively, you can come to me, and I can use another medicine to inject your pimple which does not cause this side effect.