Joey Wong – Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

1990s beauty Joey Wong

Many of us will remember Hong Kong actress Joey Wong (王祖贤), the ethereal beauty often portrayed as the seductive yet vulnerable heroine/ghost onscreen in the 1980s and 1990s. Joey Wong stole the hearts of many teenage boys (and adult men), affectionately known as “Xiao Qian”, her much loved character in the Hong Kong movie classic “A Chinese Ghost Story”.

Recently released pictures of 46 year old Joey Wong by The Apple Daily sparked intense discussions and broke many hearts. In the pictures, Joey Wong was described as looking ‘unnatural’, ‘puffy’ and rumoured to have have a blotched Botox or nip-and-tuck gone wrong.

Picture source: Apple Daily

What could have happened to poor Joey Wong?
We cannot be sure, and Joey has denied undergoing any plastic surgery, but from the pictures, 2 things may have happened:

Droopy eyelid from Botox

Picture course: Apple Daily

Joey Wong’s smooth forehead and lack of a single wrinkle may indicate that she could have had some Botox. Too much, in this case, making her look stiff and unnatural. Worse, she could be suffering from a known side effect of Botox – eye lid ptosis (or droopiness), effecting her left eye – causing her to look strange and asymmetrical. The complication happens when Botox diffuses into the muscles which keep theey lid open, and occurs in about 1-5% of Botox procedures for the glabellar frown lines. It can be minimised, however, with proper techniques, and by avoiding using too much of the product.

Too Much Fillers

If Joey Wong really did get some work done, it looks like her doctor looks may have gone on a filler frenzy- and injected way too much fillers in her cheeks, making them too puffy. This is a commonly seen phenomenon all over the world, particularly in Hollywood celebrities – the much talked about Pillow Face, a result of over zealous correction of the cheeks with fillers. Again, this can easily be avoided if your doctor has good aesthetic sense, and avoids placing too much product into the cheeks. Of course, this is just speculation. For all you know, Joey Wong could have just had an allergic reaction to some shellfish and looked more puffy that day.

The Good News

Joey Wong denies getting any work done, and indeed, she may not have undergone any plastic surgical procedures after all, but the good news for Joey Wong (and all her fans) is that even if she, the effects are likely temporary. Botox eyelid ptosis usually gets better after a month, and resolves fully in about 3 months. In the meantime, alpha adrenegic eyedrops, will help to improve the condition, and make the droppiness look less obvious.

Fillers – if hyaluronic acid ones are used, last about 9-18 months. After that, our body’s natural enzymes break it down into safe substances which get absorbed into our skin. If Joey did indeed get fillers done, she can go back to my doctor, and ask for Hyalase. This is an enzyme which is injected into the skin, which then dissolves the filler in 3-7 days (Yes! there is an antidote for hyaluronic acid fillers, hence it is remarkably safe!).
As aesthetic treatments become more commonplace, it is very easy to go overboard, and end up looking, well, like a puffed up, frozen shadow of ourselves. It is important to discuss with your doctor what treatment outcomes you are looking for, and to go slow. Less is always more.
Fortunately, most treatment effects are not permanent, and in the event that something does go wrong, we can take comfort knowing that it will not last forever. I was a victim of using too much Botox myself, looking frozen and strange. Well, we all learn from our mistakes – doctors, and patents alike.