Lindsay Lohan gets Pre-jail Lip Filler Touch-up!


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Here’s the ultimate proof that women pay alot of attention to their lips. Lindsay Lohan may be headed for jail, but that hasn’t stopped her from making sure her lips are still perfectly plumped up before her lock-up!

The picture on the left was taken at the MTV movie awards 1 month ago, and the one on the right, on 20th Jul 10, right before serving her jail term, showing obviously fuller, plusher lips and more beautiful lips! It is no secret that Lindsay previously had filler injections for her lips, but this is bringing it to a whole new level!

But hey, who can blame her? we all want to look good all the time, right?

My advice to Lindsay : consider fillers for her prominent tear trough too.. that will make her look hella lot fresher when she is unable to reach for her make-up bag in her cell!