Mary Steenburgen – Getting Better With Age



Another Hollywood celebrity who has stood the test of time, Mary Steenburgen, 59 years old this year, seems to defy the ravages of time, looking more and more gorgeous as the years go by!

The Academy Award winning actress is seen here on the left in the 1990 movie Back To The Future III, and on the right during the 18th Screen Actor’s Guild Awards in Jan 2012.

Mary Steenburgen has shown us what it means to age beautifully. The next question is, naturally, whether she is blessed with fantastic genes, or whether she has chosen a fantastic plastic surgeon.

I think it is a combination of both.
This stunning actress looks like she may have had a lil’ Botox to soften her lines, and possibly some fillers to restore volume in her cheeks. Possibly some form of rejuvenating lasers as well to keep her skin glowing and looking fabulous as well. It does, however seem like unlike many of her peers, she has chosen to dabble minimally in Plastic surgery, choosing to accept some lines and wrinkles, yet looking fresh and age appropriate.

This is what medical aesthetics is all about – looking like a fresh, youthful you; and not looking like someone else.

Looking forward to see more of this beautiful and talented actress!