Reduce Anxiety And Relax Your Mind With This Song- “Weightless”


Anxiety affects many of us in this hyper-connected, busy world today. A state of hyperarousal has far reaching detrimental effects on our bodies – including increased risk of stroke, accelerated skin aging, and heart disease.

While doctors often prescribe medications to induce relaxation and cure insomnia, these medications have other side effects – they numb our brains and make us slower to react. In extreme cases they can cause dependence and addiction.

Mindlab International conducted a study to see what kind of music gives us the greatest state of relaxation. They found that on the top of the list is a song, “Weightless” by Marconi Union, which successfully induced a highly relaxed state. It reduced participants’ overal anxiety by up to 65%!

“Weightless” was created with this goal in mind – musicians Marconi Union carefully arranged chords and harmonies to induce relaxation, lower anxiety and reduce stress hormones.

Mindlab International lead researcher Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson went so far as to advise against listening to it while driving, in case you are end up too drowsy!

Try listening to it, and see whether it works for you.