Weight Loss Tip: Regular Healthy Breakfasts


Most people do not have time for 3 meals a day. And the meal which is most common given up is naturally, breakfast.

It can be cumbersome to prepare, or look for breakfast, especially when you are rushing for time. However, there is ample evidence to show that you may be sabotaging your weight loss program, if you do not take the effort to consume breakfast everyday. According to the National Weight Control Registry in USA, 78% of people who have maintained a weight loss of 30 pounds or more for more than a year consume breakfast daily.

What makes breakfast such an important meal?

Better Hunger control
Breakfast reduces hunger later in the day, making the likelihood of over eating lower. Skipping the very first meal of the day makes you extremely hungry later – you may reach for the first Snickers Bar that comes your way.
Eating breakfast also means your caloric intake is more evenly distributed. Binges cause a spike in blood insulin levels, and it is these spikes which promote fat storage and weight gain.
Jump Starting your Metabolism
You are breaking a fast (hence break-fast) of 8 to 10 hours when you consume breakfast. You need the food to kick your body back into active mode to metabolize fat and calories. For the same reason, eating breakfast makes you feel more energetic throughout the day, and your physical activity increase.
Opt for Healthier Choices
Breakfast doesn’t need to be an elaborate affair.
Choose high fiber foods such as fresh fruit and cereals (nope not the sugar coated ones! some good suggestions here). Peanut Butter, Wholemeal bread, and eggs are also easy-to-prepare good choices.
Sparing 15 minutes of your time every morning for a successful weight loss program is more than worth it.
Eat away!