What Makes a Man Attractive? Bradley Cooper Named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2011


Bradley Cooper at GQ Men Of The Year Awards, 6 Sept 2011 at The Royal Opera House, London
(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images Europe)
People Magazine have named 36 year old Bradley Cooper the sexiest man alive 2011, placing him among the ranks of previously crowned men like Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds and George Clooney.
What earned Bradley Cooper his title?
In my opinion, it is a harmonious mix of masculine and feminine features which make Cooper look so attractive.
Certain physical attributes, such as skin smoothness, skin clarity, facial symmetry, and youthfulness, are considered attractive in both men and women.
On top of these, women (and gay men) usually prefer men who exhibit more masculine features, associated with increased testosterone exposure during a man’s developmental stages in the womb. Hence, a man with a masculine physique – tall, broad shoulders, muscular arms and torso, narrow waist, is considered more attractive. Similarly, a man
with a relatively narrow forehead and longer lower face, chiseled jawline, low-set brows, broad and prominent cheekbones, is considered more desirable to many.
Bradley Cooper has a killer smile, dazzling blue eyes and a body to-die-for, but his facial features are not strictly masculine. He has a relatively slim facial contour, high forehead, and long eye lashes – features one will normally associate with an attractive woman. But it is this harmonious mix of facial dimorphism which ups his sex appeal even more, making him look more boyish and youthful.
Of course, Cooper’s personality also plays a large part. People magazine added that his humility only added to his appeal. “I think it’s really cool that a guy who doesn’t look like a model can have this,” he told the magazine. “I think I’m a decent-looking guy. Sometimes I can look great, and other times I look horrifying.”
He is just being modest.
To the rest of the world, Bradley Cooper looks mighty fine all the time!