5 Beauty Treatment Secrets to Look Your Best For Christmas

We are 8 days away from Christmas. I know the festivities have begun when my waiting room is packed with patients trying to freshen up to look their best for the year-end parties. Remember not to go overboard, however. Most treatments should be done at least 1 week before the important event. Here is a step-by -step guide of what you can do to look your best, starting today!

1) A week before: Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

In my opinion, there is nothing like Fillers to restore glow, youthfulness and freshen up. In fact, this is the treatment of choice for most of may patients this festive season. Hyaluronic acid fillers not only restores lost volume from aging and environmental damage, but also allows the skin to regain its hydration, making it look plumb and dewy.
While the procedure is very safe, it is best done 1-2 weeks before your event, as temporary side effects such as mild bruising and swelling may occur.

2) A week before: Laser Peel 

Lasers generally take 3-6 sessions to start working, but the Laser Peel stands out amongst the rest – its results are instantly visible. The treatment uses the synergistic effects of a carbon solution and a Ng-Yag laser to shrink pores, reduce oil production, control acne and brighten up the skin, all at once. I often recommend this treatment to brides-to-be who are keen to appear flawless and poreless on their big day.

3) 2 Days before/ Last Minute Preparations: Red Carpet Facials

If you are one of the lazy ones like me, or if you have done your due diligence but is looking for something else to further boost your skin’s glow, then you can consider a skin brightening facial. We have several of these at our clinic, such as the Red Carpet Facial.

4) On The Day: Skin Products to Freshen up Instantly

Beauty products work in 2 ways – by reacting with your skin cells to enhance its quality by stimulating collagen, reducing pigment, etc, and also by instantly enhancing its appearance by temporarily tightening or brightening it. On the day of your event, it is important to prepare your skin before you put on any make-up.
My favourite products to prep the skin on the day itself:  Radium Skin Oxygen Mask, a unique facial masque which bubbles on application to deliver stabilised oxygen to freshen the skin. Use this on the night before. For the face Radium Skin Megalift Skin Tightening Serum, a serum packed with Hyaluronic Acid and botanicals which tightens your skin and lifts it instantly, while minimising pores.
I never believe in products which do not produce long lasting effects – The products above all give instant results, while also delivering active ingredients such as Niacinamide and Co-Enzyme Q10 to benefit your skin long term.

5) Most Importantly: Party in Moderation 

My patients know that I strongly believe that beauty stems from a balanced heart and mind, and never from just cosmetic treatments. No treatment, cream or facial will work if you stress your body out too much. Lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, and worst of all, party drugs, will all cause oxidative damage to your skin. Hence, always remember to party in moderation, drink lots of water and get enough sleep. Don’t worry about not get in on all the fun – As long as you take care of yourself, there is always next year!