Filler Treatment – The Curious Case of the Triple Eye Lid


Of late, I seem to be getting quite a few patients with an unusual problem – the triple eye lid. It is a curious problem, and almost always affects on one eye – often , my patient is perfectly happy with the other eye, which will usually have a beautiful double eye lid, but distressed over the other, which will be plagued with 2, instead of one deep fold – the triple eye lid.

What is even more strange, is that the affected triple eyelid never looks the same from day to day – some days, they will look better, others, they will look like a multi-layered kueh lapis cake. This peculiar eyelid also looks different with different degrees of eye opening – patients will tell me that when they half open their eyes, their double eye lid is beautiful, but alas, when their eye is fully opened, the dreaded triple eye lid is back.

What exactly causes the Triple Eye Lid? 

It took me awhile to figure out the cause of this peculiar affliction. Initially, I had thought that it was due to droopy skin, and that a surgical blepharoplasty to remove excess upper eye lid skin would do the trick, but consultations with my plastic surgeon confirmed that this was not so. Then, closer inspection made me realise that it was really a volume deficiency which caused the problem – people who had this problem had asymmetrical orbital bones (the bones which house the eyeball).

Treatment with Volume Replacement

The logical solution to a problem caused by volume loss would be – to replace it. With micro-injections of hyaluronic acid fillers, the results were beautiful, and instant.

A Sensitive Area

The eye area is always difficult to treat and very sensitive to lumpiness, bruising, and even more serious complications. Hence, it is important to find a doctor who has a lot of experience with injection of the eye area to have the procedure done for you. I often get patients coming to be being very skeptical when I suggest fillers for the eye area – as they have heard from other physicians that the treatment cannot be done. This is not true. In the right hand, injection of the eye area will yield beautiful and long lasting results which will improve the way you look, dramatically.


  1. The eye area is very sensitive, I agree. As I age, my eye lines are getting very visible and I heard that filler treatment is an effective way for some people who did undergo the process. It is very rare for people to have triple eyelids, I don’t have one but I know this post would be useful for them. Thanks, Dr. Siew!

  2. That is Pure aesthetics and nothing to worry about. My grandma has triple or quad eyelids, my aunts also the same type of eyes and also me with triple eyelid since forever.
    just Be happy and find a unique way to love your triple eyelids.

  3. I have triple eyelid on both eyes… 😅 😅 😅 Is that strange? I just noticed like a while ago that I have triple eyelid on both eyes…