A Simple Method to Enhance Your Profile – Botox Chin


A new nurse joined us 2 weeks ago. She was youthful, pleasant, and have a beautiful face. However, there was just something wrong about her facial features. It was not easy to spot (even for me) on first inspection. Then I realised why. It was her chin.

Chin Dimpling

We have all done it from time to time – dimple our chins. The action is caused by the contraction of the mentalis muscle – the paired muscle under the skin, situated below the lower lip. The muscle is very close to the skin surface and adherent to it – hence the skin wrinkling and dimpling when contracted, often when in doubt or displeasure.
Some of us do it more, some of us less, and some of us, constantly. For my new nurse, she was dimpling her chin habitually all the time. It made her chin look wrinkled, rounded, and receded. Plus, it made her look timid and unsure of herself all the time.

The Perfect Profile

Unknown to many, the chin is an integral part of our side profile. An aesthetically beautiful side profile not only makes your face more attractive, but will make you look stronger and more confident.

I access my patients’ profiles by dropping an imaginary line from the forehead to the chin. The forehead and the chin should roughly fall on this line. A ‘weak chin’ is one which is receded and does not touch this line. Many people do not realise that by altering their chin projection, they will look very much better.

Botox For a Dimply Chin

For people like my nurse, the treatment is straightforward and very effective. Just a few units of Botox to relax the offending mentalis muscles, and all problems are solved. That was exactly what I did for her, and she never turned back. The wrinkles are gone, her chin is now sharper, making her face shape more oval, and her side profile has improved.

The procedure involves no downtime, takes less than 5 minutes, and the results last 4 – 6 months.

Fillers for Chin Augmentation

For people with more receded chins, we will have to introduce a filler into the area to project the chin effectively. Often, I perform Botox and fillers of the chin at the same time.
You can consult your doctor to find out the best option to enhance your profile.