All About Dark Eye circle II: Myths


Being such a bothersome problem, many myths and remedies have surfaced for Dark Eye Circles. Here’s some of them I commonly encounter in my practice

Tanning Hides Dark Eye Circles

I get this all the time. People trying to justify their obsession for tanning by claiming that it makes their dark eye circles look better!

Tanning not only makes dark eye circles worse in the short term by making them look darker, but also makes them worse in the long term by causing the skin to be pigmented and thinned! 

Dark Eye Circles can be Cured

I’m sorry, but the truth is that dark circles can be improved, but they cannot be cured, despite what the eye cream companies might tell you.

Dark Eye Circles disappear with adequate rest

While late nights may worsen them slightly, a full 7 hrs night’s sleep will not eliminate pre-existing dark eye circles, as the causes are multi-factorial

Expensive Creams will get rid of Dark Eye Circles

Again, I’m sorry, but most eye creams for dark eye circles on the market do not work. While they may delay its onset in individuals who do not have existing circles, they usually fall short on their promises for others who have existing severe dark eye circles. 

Cucumbers will improve dark eye circles

Cucumber slices have not been shown to be beneficial for alleviating the problem, but since most people chill the cucumber slices before placing them over their eyes, the coldness of the cucumber may constrict the prominent blood vessels and improve the appearance of the dark circles temporarily.

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