Fillers to Treat Tear Trough Deformity and Dark Eye Circles


Tear Troughs: How do they come about?

As we age, we start to lose volume and tissue at the lower eye margin – giving rise to what is known as a ‘tear trough’ deformity.

Age is not the only cause of the tear trough deformity, it can be also the result of our inherent bone structure. Locally it is more prevalent in Indians, but it is certainly not exclusive to them. I, for one, suffer from such a woe. Young Indian ladies have beautiful big eyes, but they are often unhappy about the depression and dark eye circles under their eyes.

Anatomy of a tear trough

The tear trough wrecks havoc in a number of ways: the deformity marks a obvious demarcation between the under eyes and the cheek, making the eyes look sunken and tired.

The deformity also causes light to cast a shadow, making existing dark eye rings worse, and also making they difficult to conceal with make-up.

The Solution: Fillers. Nothing else comes close

I always tell my patients not to waste time with products if they come to me with a tear trough deformity. Fillers are the best and only way to improve them. Once they see the results, they will never look back.

Wonders of volume replacement

Replacement of deficient volume for the tear trough gives immediate and often dramatic results. I usually use different fillers to layer upon different depths, according to each individual’s skin condition. The treatment not only corrects the volume deficiency, but also reduces fine lines and lightens dark eye circles to improve the whole undereye area dramatically. The procedure only takes 15 minutes. Occasionally some bruising can occur with the procedure, but mostly, there is no down time, and most of my patients walk of the clinic happily and return to work immediately. 


  1. There are no extensive studies conducted in pregnant and breastfeeding women, but there has not been reported teratogenic effects, or effects on breastfed babies as far as I know either..<br />You can visit your cosmetic dermatologist for a more detailed consult on e matter..<br /><br />Regards, <br />Dr Siew

  2. Happy New Year! <br />Thanks for you interest; <br /><br />Bruising is a definite risk especially around the eye area but is very dependent on technique. For me,bruies occur abt 5% of the time. <br /><br />I&#39;m sorry; I do not do online consultations, but will glaly do a detailed consultation for you when you come to Singapore. <br /><br />For more details on my practice, you can also see my

  3. Hi, I have a deep grove below my eye and I have sought advices from 2 dermatologists. One suggested I use a filler while the other suggest eye thermage. How much would filler cost me and what is the life span ? Also, I&#39;ve been told that fillers may cause bulges under the eye if not administered carefully. Kindly advise. Thank you