IS CLINICALS Super Serum Advance


Vitamin C is one of the few anti-oxidants proven to be effective against skin aging. Hence, a good vitamin C product is a must in your daily regime.  Super Serum Advance from IS CLINICALS is one of my favorite Vitamin C serums for a number of reasons.

Superior Active Ingredients

Super Serum Advance contains 15% stabilized L-ascorbic acid, or pure vitamin C. (As mentioned in a previous article, L-ascorbic acid is the only form of vitamin C proven to exert anti-aging effects). The Advance series has a even more stabilized form of Vitamin C which promises to have better antioxidant effects.

Other active ingredients in the serum include:

Centella Asiatica Extract – a plant extract with antioxidant and wound healing properties1
Vitamin B5 – a co-enzyme for cellular function, thought have anti-acne properties, and wound healing properties2
Arbutin – skin lightening agent
Kojic Acid – a proven skin lightening agent. Kojic acid is notoriously difficult to stablilize but the kojic acid in Super Serum Advance is a stablilized form derived from Polyporus Umbellatus, a mushroom.
Copper Tripeptide Growth Factor – a peptide, which the manufacturer claims to help encourage cell growth and maturation, promote healing, and encourage dermal restructuring and healing of wrinkles and stretch marks.

Scientific Backup

Innovative skincare worked with Dr Mostafa Omar, who was part of the research team at Duke University which first stabilized Vitamin C, to produce the IS CLINICALS line.

Dr Omar is no longer affiliated with IS CLINICALS, but the product line has since improved its formulations to offer even better results.

What impresses me is that the company conducts quite a number of clinical trials and scientific studies to validate the product’s effectiveness. I have seen at least 5 of these studies.

In particular, one study measured the in-vitro antioxidant capability (ORAC – Oxygen Radical Absorbtion Capacity) of Super Serum Advance against other formulations such as SkinCeutical’s C E & Ferrulic, Prevage by Elizabeth Arden, and Obagi C10, and found that Super Serum Advance has an ORAC of 4 times that of SkinCeutical’s C E & Ferrulic, which we would expect to have superior antioxidant effects. Now that is impressive.

Beauty in a bottle

Super Serum Advance comes in an attractive, professional looking vacuum packed little bottle that is immediately endearing to the eyes. It’s a light golden coloured serum which is easily absorbed with no sticky residue, so there is no worry of clogging pores. People with drier skin will need to use a moisturiser after though.

The product has been featured in countless magazines, and many celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry and Jon Bon Jovi have been reported saying that they love it; but that’s just a fine print.. what’s more important is that it works!

Some will find the product a little pricey, but a 30ml bottle will last you about 3 months. And this is, in my opinion, one of the best Vitamin C serum that there is, therefore, comparing with all the other products there are out there, Super Serum Advance is definitely value for money.

(1) International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds, September 2006, pages 137–143; Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, May–June 2000, pages 227–234; Phytomedicine, May 2001, pages 230–235;
(2) American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, 2002, volume 3, number 6, pages 427–433).


  1. Hi there, <br /><br />yes it is.. The prodcut is gentle enough to be used for sensitive and roseacea prone skin.. <br />Having said that, there is another IS clinicals product, called the Pro-heal serum Advance, which is more suitable a it has calming properties on top of the Vitamin C.

  2. Hi! <br />Yes it is… it does not help reduce oil production per se, but it is definitely suitable for use on oily skin as well. <br /><br />If you have active acne, the vitamin C calms the skin and improves it too.

    • Hi there – Haven’t had a chance to review that yet. But good news is that my clinic carries this product as well and I like my blend of Vit C, E, and Ferulic Acid! You can find out more by calling us at 6837-0507.