Prouct Reviews: Clarins Generation 6


After the dust has settled, Clarins Generation 6 out paced all others at the Her World Beauty Awards to take the crown. I wasn’t part of the judging committee for this product, and to be honest, I thought there were other better products out there. But let’s take a closer look.

Manufacturer’s Claims

The manufacturer describes it as ”The ultimate age-control, anti-wrinkle, extra-firming skin care treatment.” , with a dual phase formula which provides the most effective concentration of plant extracts, and helps support the skin’s 5 vital functions: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and revitalization

Active Ingredients

Ingredients What it’s supposed to do
Pycnogenol® from

Maritime Pine extract stimulates the microcirculation Salicornia, Green Algaemoisturize, soften Inca Peanut, Marula nourish, provide comfort London Rocket seed encourages oxygenation Pycnogenol® combined with Vitamin C protective action Centella Asiatica, unsaponifiables from Avocado, Stimulen revitalize Combination of hydro and liposoluble Vitamin Censure long-lasting results.

What I think

Like I mentioned here, there is often not enough evidence to support its claims of being able to fight wrinkles. However, Pycnogenol deserves special mention, as this plant extract does have some research to show that it possesses anti-oxidant properties. Clarins says its lab tests show that the serum does have an effect on the skin cells, and that a trial it conducted on 35 women revealed an 18 per cent reduction in wrinkles. However, these are in house tests, and have no independent body to verify its results.

Having said that, this product does pack an impressive list of botanical extracts. Maybe not all of them will have beneficial effects, but some of them (e.g. Pycnogenol) might!

And it doesn’t cost a bomb like some other brands!