Her World Beauty Awards III : Whitening products


Whitening products are the rage these days. Walk into any departmental store, and you will come across countless number of them.

Ironic isn’t it, since not too long ago, dark, bronzed skin seemed to be all the rage. In a flash, tan has been panned.

In the facial whitening category for the Her World Beauty Awards 2008, amongst the many products I was to evaluate, I give my stamp of approval for 2 of them.

L’oreal Paris White Perfect Gentle Moisturizing Day Cream SPF 20/PA +++

Active Ingredients: Physical/ Chemical suncreens, Calcium panthetheine sulfonate, salicylic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin 

Vichy Bi- White Reveal Double Correcting Essence

Active ingredients: Vitamin C/E, licorice, salicylic acid, ceramide white, LHA




Sun protection is extremely important in a whitening regime, and the L’oreal Day Cream not only contains some of the best sunblock agents available, it comes with a very affordable price.

Having sunblock incorporated means you do not have to add an additional step of applying sunblock in your daily routine. Whitening, brightening, and antioxidant ingredients are also present in this product. This synergistic combination will ensure that you get the whitening that you need.

The Vichy Bi- White is a whitening essence, so there is no sunscreen. However, it is impressive in that it contains proven whitening ingredients. Compared with many other products on the market, this is one value added product.

Check out these products today. And tell us more!

By the way, I have no share in L’oreal or Vichy, nor did these companies pay me to advertise for them.


  1. Googled and landed in ur blog! 🙂 Anyway, I used to have really good complexion, and am really fair. Used to be really happy, cos I never get dark, eventhough I get sunburnt, my skin starts peeling soon after, and goes back to normal soon enough. But I guess I have really bad UV damage now, and hyperpigmentations start appearing at quite a fast rate, eventhough I apply sunblock everyday. And it