Her World Beauty Awards IV : Anti-Ageing Products


There is a new movement in the beauty product world: anti-ageing wrinkle busters. As some of you may know, I was a judge in the recent Her World Beauty Awards 2008. For my avid readers, I shall give you inside scoop of 2 of my favorite products in the facial anti-ageing category.

Elizabeth Prevage Anti-Ageing Night Cream

Active Ingredients: Idebenone, retinol, vitamin C, lemon peel ferment, tomato extract

How can one escape from this product? It’s a brainchild of 2 giants – Elizabeth Arden and Allergan, makers of Botox. The star ingredient here is Idebenon,which is the flavour of the month. It has been touted to improve wrinkles, fine lines, elasticity, etc. Studies so far has shown some promising results, and Idebenone indeed has some potent anti-oxidant properties.
There is a drawback however: the price. This product is one of the most expensive in the market, which is a big minus in these economic tumultuous times.

ROC Retin-Ox Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Active ingredients: Retinol, zinc gluconate, vitamin C, vitamin E.

I am a big fan of retinoids, despite its negative publicity in recent years. ROC Retin-Ox series contains probably the most researched, most proven anti-ageing ingredient in the world – retinoids. The derivative here is retinol, which is one of the few retinoids available over the counter. The concentration here is decent, and from personal feedback, this product does work wonders on those who have used it. Plus, it is more affordable, being priced below $100!


  1. Hi Dr Siew! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful skin care tips! Would you be able to recommend these anti aging products and brightening/ dark spot corrector as these articles are dated 2009? Most of the products like ROC or Vichy are no longer available. Thank you!