FDA Approval for New Oral Testosterone Drug Lipocine


Good news for men suffering from Andropause. (Yes, andropause is a real condition which affects older men. Read more here) A novel testosterone replacement drug called Lipocine is proving to be effective and safe for the treatment of male hypoganodaism, or andropause – where sufferers experience associated symptoms such as low libido, insomnia, poor memory, low energy. Unlike previous testosterone formulations, Lipocine is an oral medication – making it very easy to take. Other testosterone formulations such as Nebidol – an injection, and Andogel – a gel which much be applied, are considered more troublesome by many men. Older oral testosterone supplements have been linked to liver toxicity – as testosterone undergoes significant initial metabolism by the liver (first pass metabolism). This results in a very low amount of testosterone being delivered to the body, and also overloading of the liver. The SOAR (Study Of Androgen Replacement) study, which tested Lipocine for safety and efficacy, found that there was no liver toxicity, as the drug was absorbed by lymphatics and that is was effective to bring testosterone levels of hypogonadal men up to normal levels. The medication is taken twice a day. While it will take awhile before the drug obtains FDA approval, and even longer before it reaches Singapore’s shores, it is definitely something to look out for.

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