Fillers For The Nose: Self Injection


I use fillers to improve the appearance of the nose very often in my practice. Fillers offer a non-surgical alternative for nose augmentation. They can be used to improve the nose bridge height, nose tip, projection, smooth out lumps, etc.

A harder filler gives the best results. My filler of choice is Restylane SubQ  – this is one of the hardest hyaluronic acid fillers available today.

The procedure is comfortable in experienced hands, with minimal downtime.

Please take note, however, that fillers for the nose need to be performed by an experienced doctor – serious complications such as skin death and even blindness (although rare), can occur.

Other methods of no-surgical nose augmentation include Ellanse, Radiesse, and Nose Threads.

*Please do not try this at home. Consult a certified doctor for your filler injections.