Why LASEMD Skin Perfecting Laser Is Now My Favourite Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation


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Just less than five years ago, laser rejuvenation for the skin would generally mean either one of two options:

1) Non-ablative laser rejuvenation, where lasers such as the Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser heats up the skin gently to lighten pigmentation and stimulate the skin to produce collagen, or

2) Fractional laser resurfacing, where lasers create micro zones of thermal injury in the skin to allow new skin to grow. This was the stronger, more effective option.

The Fractional Laser Revolution

Fractional lasers were already a vast improvement over the older full resurfacing lasers, which involved ablation of the whole skin surfacing, and weeks of downtime. With fractional laser resurfacing, we could now treat skin conditions such as acne scars in a much safer way. Instead of ablating the whole skin surface, only a fraction of the skin is treated at a time – hence the term “fractional”.

Despite the improvement, fractional laser treatments were still painful and traumatizing experience for many. Most people can still feel the pain even after numbing cream was applied. After the procedure, the face will become red and raw, followed by crusting for about 5 days. In some unfortunate cases where the laser beams are not uniform, some parts will be more inflamed which can lead to hyperpigmentation if post-treatment protocols are not followed.

The Demand for Less Downtime

Today, the demand for flawless skin continues to rise, yet, more and more, we are unable to accept any social downtime: We expect to be able to get back to work promptly after a laser procedure. Even with the formulation of lighter skin resurfacing treatments, my patients continued to ask for treatments with less redness, with similar efficacy.

After searching around, I found the answer in LASEMD’s laser resurfacing technology.

How is LASEMD Skin Perfecting Laser Better?

LASEMD 1 Flawless skin

LASEMD Fractional Thulium laser treatment produces several deep, tiny columns in the skin called microscopic treatment zones (MTZ). What makes LASEMD stand out from the rest is its two-pronged skin rejuvenation approach.

Besides resurfacing the skin to allow new skin to grow, LASEMD is a Cosmeceutical Delivery System (CDS). Typical cosmetic active ingredients have great difficulty penetrating the skin barrier. With a CDS laser, the serum penetration rate is greatly enhanced – We can now customize the fractional laser treatment according to the patient’s skin concerns by varying the serum to be used – something which has never been done before with fractional laser treatments.

lasemd cosmeceutical delivery
LASEMD works to both resurface skin for rejuvenation, and allow cosmeceuticals to deliver deep into the skin.

The CDS part of LASEMD works simultaneously with its resurfacing component to kickstart a reaction in the dermis that leads to collagen remodeling, new collagen formation, and improvement of skin pigmentation. Skin texture is improved, skin tone improves, and fine lines are diminished.

The best part of the treatment: there is very little downtime or discomfort. Most people will experience mild redness for a few hours, with or without a little crusting, depending on the settings. This is possible due to the smaller beam diameter (100 µm as compared to 120 µm in most other laser machines in the market). Post-treatment care is also a lot simpler, with less complications such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. In my practice, I customize the laser treatment accurately to suit my patients’ acceptance for redness, crusting, and social downtime – I call this highly customisable and effective treatment the LASEMD Skin Perfecting Laser.

With this new technology, laser resurfacing treatments need no longer conjure up images of pain, raw skin, and days of hiding at home post treatment. It is now the favourite laser treatment in my practice.



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