How Fractional Laser Resurfacing Revolutionalised my Acne Scar Treatment Options


I wrote a blog entry some time ago describing how fractional laser resurfacing has revolutionalised the treatment of acne scars.

My friends and patients often scream at me, exclaiming that I crazy when I tell them I have undergone fractional laser resurfacing multiple times.
Not many people believe that I once battled desperately with terrible skin: I broke out in acne all the time, I loved to tan myself to a crisp when I was younger and so suffered the effects of sun damage at an early age. I suffer from melasma, one of the hardest pigmentory conditions to treat. And above all, years of acne had left me with bad acne scarring.
People who suffer from acne scarring probably can relate to me when I say it not only affects their appearance, but also how they feel about themselves. My close friends once commented that my face looked like the rough outer coverings of a guava. They were joking, but the comment did hit me hard.
With some luck, I managed to dig out a photo of myself taken one and a half years ago. At that point, I had already undergone tons of treatments such as IPL, DermaRoller and creams, but the scars were still very visible.
A picture speaks a thousand words. The picture on the right is taken today. The scars are almost gone, along with the rough texture, dull skin, open pores, and pimples.
I have undergone just 2 sessions of Er:Glass laser resurfacing and 2 sessions of carbon dioxide fractional laser resurfacing
Let it change your life as it had mine.


  1. Hi Ann, <br /><br />As with all medical procedures, there will be side effects, though the procdure is remarkably safe! <br />Results for acne scars are permanent. <br /><br />Dr Siew

  2. Hi Lyn, <br /><br />Sorry to hear about your plight.. Yes it is beast to wait half a year after Oratane before undergoing any form of Laser Resurfacing.. <br /><br />Do ask your doctor for options for your acne and scars.. don&#39;t worry, acne and scarring can be improved with today&#39;s treatments! 🙂 <br /><br />Dr Siew

  3. Hi JS! <br /><br />yes I do! 🙂 <br />For Mixto, relatively good results can been seen after about 2 treatments.. but still, the best is at least 3 sessions… <br /><br />Red marks after mole removal usually subside after a month.. but it really depends.. best if you can come down and let me have a look! 🙂 <br /><br />Dr Siew