Indoor Tanning Linked to Skin Cancer


My friends and readers know by now how strongly I feel against tanning.
Sun-tanning accelerates skin aging, aggravates acne, and worst of all, causes skin cancer. Indoor tanning is no better – An indoor tanning booth is nothing more than a skin- aging accelarator.

1. Melanoma, the most dreaded form of skin cancer has increased over the past 2 decades, particularly in women aged 15 – 39. Researches attribute this increase at least partially to the increased use of tanning beds.

2. A case-control study conducted in Minnesota found that melanoma risk increases as the amount of time spent indoor tanning increases.

3. An even more significant association (relative risk of 2.25) was found between squamous cell carcinoma, another form of skin cancer, and indoor tanning.

Interestingly, the article also states how tanning beds are classified under Class I by the FDA, while tampons are classified under Class II !
The skin cancer links have prompted the FDA to review the safety of tanning beds; they have yet to announce their decision.
If anyone you care for is regularly using a tanning bed, show them this article, and stop them before its too late!
Indoor Tanning — Science, Behavior, and Policy
NEJM September 1, 2010 Topics: Implementation, Public Health
David E. Fisher, M.D., Ph.D., and William D. James, M.D.