Raquel Welch: Looking Fabulous at 70


A friend recently showed me a picture of American actress Rachel Welch taken this year. And I was so impressed at how good she still looks that I had to pay a tribute to her!

Here is the beautiful lady, evolving through the decades..

Rachel Welch, the ultimate sex symbol of the 1960s and 1970s, looked amazing during her hey days. Blessed with supreme genes, she looked stunning even back in the days when cosmetic enhancements were uncommon.

A decade later, she looked like she had barely aged!


At 47, signs of aging, such as mild sagging in the face and neck can be seen here, but Welch still looked great in this 1987 photo.

Raquel Welch, still looking fabulous at 61. She likely had some treatments done by then.

Here she is in 2008. It is as if the clock turned back, and she looked even better than in 2001. Advances in cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery techniques now allow men and women to look perfectly naturally, and not overly ‘done’.

And finally, here is Welch this year. I can only marvel at how stunning she looks.
Her face looks natural, full, and youthful, and importantly, not overly taut.

What’s even more impressive is the neck. Often a tell tale sign of age and more difficult to treat properly than the face, Raquel Welch’s neck looks firm, wrinkle free, and yet not overly tight here.
Good genes and a good cosmetic doctor makes a beautiful lady, how matter how old she may be.

I want to look as good as her when I am 70.