LASEMD Cosmeceutical Delivery: A New Laser Concept

LAseMD machine Dr Siew
The latest innovation in laser resurfacing – a laser which resurfaces and delivers active ingredients deep into the skin.

The newest innovation by laser giant Lutronic is so new that you can’t even find the product on their website! I was honoured to be able to try out the system today. Named LaseMD, the laser is a Cosmeceutical Delivery System (CDS), which combines:

– a laser fractional resurfacing system to smoothen skin and lighten pigmentation,
– as well as a very new laser concept: using a laser to create micro wounds in the skin, to allow products to penetrate better – hence the term Cosmeceutical Delivery

LaseMD, which uses a Thullium laser, is unique in that it creates micro wounds in the skin, without the usual larger skin ablation you see with Carbon Dioxide lasers. The result is a much gentler laser resurfacing treatment, ideal for pigmentation, pores, and melanoma,  with very little pain and downtime.

This is also easily the most beautiful laser system I have ever laid my eyes on! Here’s a first hand look at the brochure, not even available online yet!



LASeMD Brochure-1LASeMD Brochure-3LASeMD Brochure-2LASeMD Brochure-4

Watch the laser in action,  as I had the procedure done earlier today: