My take on Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler and other OTC products



There is a product with has been grabbing eyeballs everywhere:

Tri- Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler from Good Skin Labs.
There are super-sized, blown up pictures of it in front of every pharmacy. Its ads starred at me as I opened the papers. There is even a public workshop to promote the product!

Product claims

These days, new products emerge at break-neck speed, claiming to “remove 10 years in 2 weeks”, “fill up your wrinkles instantly”, or to be “better than Botox®”!

Welcome to the age of over-the-counter cosmeceuticals, where manufacturers’ claims can be more bizarre than the story-line of the hit television series Heroes.

I will attempt to shed some light through the foliage of this cosmeceutical jungle. Ultimately, it is the active ingredients which are important in any product. It is important to examine the active ingredients of the products and gauge for yourself before making a purchase.

Tri- Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler

Tri- Aktiline contains a complex of 3 “technologically advanced ingredients”, which are Gatuline, extracted from the South American Acmella Oleracea plant ; Kombuchka, extracted from black tea; and Argireline, a cosmeceutical peptide.

Flower power

Botanicals are the most common components of over-the-counter products. They contain numerous beneficial compounds such as antioxidants, but they are not regulated and are often present in sub-therapeutic concentrations. Botanicals also rarely undergo scientific studies to validate their beneficial properties

Lack of scientific data

According to Tri-Aktiline’s manufacturer, Gatuline relaxes facial muscles and hence reduces wrinkles; however there is no publicly available data to support this. The Acmella Oleracea plant has long been used as a holistic toothache remedy because chewing the eyeball-shaped buds causes numbness in the mouth.

Kombuchka is said to have antioxidant properties, which could help to prevent wrinkles, but its effect on skin has not been fully investigated. Tri- Aktiline’s manufacturer reports that it improved skin complexion in experiments.

Unknown concentrations

Argireline is a peptide (a component of protein). It has been shown to inhibit the reactions that cause muscles to move and contract, and hence, prevents formation of new lines. Argireline is one of the promising new cosmeceutical ingredients. Typical therapeutic concentration is around 10%. Tri- Aktiline does not specify the concentration of Argereline present in its formulation.

Lack of gold standard prospective double blind trials

In house studies were done for the cream, showing that it reduced wrinkle length and depth, but there was no control or comparison group, so it’s difficult to know if this was caused by the action of the ingredients, or simply by moisturization.

Known “instant” ways to reduce wrinkles

Adequate moisturization and light reflecting substances, such as silicon dioxide with reduce the appearance of wrinkles. There remains no instant ingredient with long term effects. The greatest wrinkle warrior, Botox®, takes about a week to take effect. And already it is the fastest there is.

Final thoughts

Does the product work?

As a healthcare provider, I feel this product needs more validation and scientific interrogation. Meanwhile, I will take the manufacturer’s claims with a pinch of salt. And a whole lot of Botox®.

For those of you who has tried the product, drop us a comment to tell us more! I will love to hear from you!


  1. Hi – what a great blog.. I found it by accident looking for this product.<br /><br />I used it a few times and thought it was ‘ok’, nothing more. It did sort-of smooth skin, but when you smile, the wrinkles show just as much.<br /><br />So, I started using it once a day as instructed (very lightly) for about 3-4 weeks, and nothing – no noticeable improvement.<br /><br />Then, after a while, I

  2. Dear Emily, it sounds like you are allergic to the ingredients in the product. you skin may take some time to sensitise, which may explain why you had no problems initially, then developed problems. <br /><br />You should stop the prodcut immeidately, and soothe the area with cold compresses, or a mild steroid as prescribed by your doctor. <br /><br />Hope you get well soon! <br /><br />Dr Siew

  3. Thanks Dr Siew – I have most definitely discontinued it! I took your advice and I&#39;m now 100% back to normal.<br /><br />Many thanks again for an excellent blog..<br /><br />Emily

  4. I used Tri-aktiline Total Face for almost two years and the results were fantastic. I only stopped using the product because couldn’t order online or purchase at Kohl’s and the price had increased dramatically. It is a good product and beats anything else I have tried in recent years. Sorry it’s no longer available.