Webmaster Spydie’s Post: Social Media and us


    The modern media is in a constant state of flux. The Straits Times have Stomp! and CNN has iReporter. These are platforms where the ordinary man can submit pictures and videos to express their views.

    Social media, which includes blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc, has become a part of everyday life. Tan Kin Lian is launching a presidential campaign from his blog. Civilian coverage of the attacks on Mumbai is yet another milestone in social media/ Web 2.0: Twitter, an online SMS blogging platform, has become a real, though less legitimate media source. Bloggers across Mumbai flooded Twitter with updates.

    What does this have to do with this blog?

    The science of medicine races at a break neck speed. But the public perception of doctors, especially in Singapore moves at a glacial pace. As the public becomes more informed, we need to ind newer ways for physicians to reach to out people. Tuck Wah’s blog is informative and gives him a wider reach. And all of us can learn something new. A simple blog such as this may be a way forward.

    Here’s to the growth of this blog.

    Blogs feed information frenzy on Mumbai attacks:


    Tan Kin Lian