Fillers: How I do it

We have all been familiar with lines and wrinkles, but few of us realise how much volume our face loose when we age. Areas around the nose and above the lips are generally fuller when we are younger. Restoration of volume and facial augmentation with Fillers are one of the most common aesthetic procedures performed today, ranking only second in number to Botox® injections.I find many patients have misconceptions regarding Filler injections. Hope this helps.

Preparation and Consultation

During the initial consult, I thoroughly discuss my patient’s medical history before proceeding with treatment. After that, I will assess my patient’s face and decide which areas may benefit from treatment.

If my patient is consuming any medication or herbal supplements that may thin the blood and cause excessive bruising, I will instruct him or her to stop them, and return 1 week later for the procedure.

Product information

No skin test is required because I prefer hyaluronic acid fillers, which do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Fillers are generally very safe, and can be used without problems in most individuals. However, they have not been tested in pregnant or breast-feeding women, and hence I will advise this group of patients to return for treatment only after delivery/ cessation of breast feeding.

I also do not inject fillers in or near skin sites where there are or have been active skin disease, inflammation or related conditions. Nor do I it be inject then an area where a permanent implant has been placed.

Pre- Procedure

Most people experience the treatment as a mild discomfort. Therefore, I use an anesthetic cream to numb the areas treated. In addition, I use an ice pack for 30 seconds to anesthetize the area. I sometimes also use another form of anesthesia, a nerve block, to numb the area, especially when treating the cheeks, lips and nasolabial folds (the fold of skin between the nose and the lips).


The filler is injected into or beneath the skin in small amounts at a time, using a very fine needle. After the injections, I mold the filler with my fingers, to blend it seamlessly with the facial contour.

The entire treatment takes less than 30 minutes, and can even be done as a lunch time procedure. The treatment results are often dramatic and can be seen instantly.

Post- Procedure

Some common injection-related reactions might occur after the procedure. These reactions include redness, swelling, pain, itching, bruising or some transient pain at the injection site. The reactions typically last a day or 2. Lip enhancements often cause slightly more swelling and unevenness, which may take a few days to completely subside.

I review my patients about a week after the initial treatment, to access if additional treatment is needed. Very often, I use fillers in combination with Botox®, to achieve that relaxed, rejuvenated look and feel.The beauty about Hyaluronic acid fillers is that, in the rare instance where you do not like the enhancement made, the fillers can be dissolved away with Hyaluronidase, an enzyme which causes the breakdown of the filler.Yes.. fillers work like magic.. and if done properly, will give you amazing results!