Why You Should Not Drink Alcohol After Your Botox or Filler Treatment


Filler with Cannula

You may have read it on the internet, or, if you have had Botox or Fillers done before, your doctor would have warned you: DO NOT CONSUME ALCOHOL for the next 24 hours.

If you are a good patient, you would heed your doctor’s advice. If you are a naughty one, you may have decided not to listen: after all, the Botox was introduced via such small needles, and I walked out feeling fine. What could possibly happen?

Common Side Effects of Botox & Filler Treatments

While Botox and Fillers are very safe, they are not without side effects. The most common side effects are injection related, as the product is delivered by injections. Even though the needles used are very small, bruising can occur at the injection entry points. This can range from being mild, and coverable by makeup, to severe. The eye area is especially delicate. Back in the old days, when techniques weren’t so refined, patients left my clinic looking like I just punched them in the eye!

Mild swelling at the injection entry points are also common. These are transient and will go away within a day or two.

Avoid THESE After Treatment.

After a treatment of Botox and Fillers, we routinely tell our patients to avoid anything that can thin the blood, or cause the blood vessels to dilate. This includes avoiding the sauna, or intense exercise on the same day, and also avoiding the consumption of Vitamin E, Gingko, Aspirin, and of course, ALCOHOL.

Many times, my patients walked out of the clinic with no bruise at all, but forgot this important advice. The next thing I know, they return the next day with the most ghastly bruise at the treatment site. For some reason, alcohol seems to be the most potent cause of bruising after a Botox of Filler treatment. And when it happens, we will have to be prepared to wait up to 7 days for the bruise to subside.

Don’t believe me? : See The Pic

Botox Bruise

Look what happened to me today. I treated my masseters yesterday with Botox for my nocturnal teeth grinding (bruxism). All was well, until I happily drank a glass of Whiskey after dinner last night. When I woke up this morning, this unwelcome bulge appeared: It is a hematoma, or bruise, which developed in the muscle. It is really ironic that everyday, I tell people to avoid alcohol after Botox, and yet several times, I am guilty of it myself. Yup, doctors make the worst patients.


  1. The bulge is really obvious. I wonder how long did it take to flatten. Thank you for this advice. I would share this to my friends so they would know as well.

  2. I had my haluronic dermal filler a few days ago but next day I had a party and to be honest I drunk two bottles of wine and some shnaps by myself and now my area under eyes are swallow and I look like someone just punch my in my face, I have contact my treatment doctor and she told me that is normal that my under eyes are swallow of course I didn’t tell that I drunk a lot of alcohol next day after treatment , but if this puffiness will disappear soon?
    please help me