Shrink Pores With Botox


To many, Botox is still sole for the purpose of wrinkle busting.
Botox has many other uses, as mentioned here.
One of the amazing effects of Botox, is its effects on pore size and oil production.
Injected into the dermis, the mid layers of the skin, Botox causes the smooth muscle and oil glands in the skin to relax, causing the pores to appear significantly smaller, and the skin to be much less oily.
The treatment, also popularly known as micro- botox, is an excellent treatment for acne prone skin and open pores, giving the skin a matt, clear, and flawless appearance.


  1. Great article! There are many benefits to having Botox Injections. They can be used to treat migraines, reduce extra sweat, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and it can shrink pores! Thanks for putting this information out there on the multiple reasons to have Botox Injections!