Skin Care Regime – 8 Simple Tips


Skin care is a fundamental part of looking good. No aesthetic procedure can replace your daily skin care regime. Thus, it is important to choose and adopt a suitable one.Some useful points to consider when adopting a skin care regime:

1. Do not have too many steps. A complicated regime is not necessarily better. A simple regime is easier to stick to in the long term.

2. The basic steps of a skin care regime are: cleansing, toning, treatment, and moisturizing, and sunblock. Celebrities are lying when they claim that all the skin care they have ever done is to splash their face with water twice a day. You are not going to get a healthy, glowing complexion with that!

3. Expensive is not necessarily better either. Look for the ingredients instead, or ask your doctor for an opinion. A large proportion of the cost of a product goes into the marketing which make you WANT the product; so shop smart, and buy smart!

4. Cleanser : choose a gentle cleanser to remove excess dirt on your face. If your face feels squeaky clean after cleansing, then chances are the cleanser is too strong for you.

5. Toner: A toner restores the natural pH of your skin after cleansing, to allow better absorption of other products in your regime. Despite what manufacturers say, toners DO NOT tighten pores. A non alcoholic toner is more gentle and suitable for most skin types.

6. Treatment: depending on your skin type, and whether you have any problems, this can vary greatly. For example, acne prone skin will benefit from Differin to prevent pimples; I strongly believe that anyone above 30 years of age should include anti aging products, such as Vitamin C, as part of their skin care.

7. Moisturizer: In Singapore, a light, oil free moisturizer should suffice. The common mis- conception is that people with acne should avoid moisturizers like the plaque. This is not true.

8. Sunblock: Yes , this is a fundamental, and perhaps the most important part of your skin care regime if you want to look like how Madonna looks at 50 years old! Choose a suitable sunblock depending on your lifestyle.