UltraShape – New and Improved Non-Invasive Body Contouring


Non-Invasive body contouring has come along way. From the early days when everyone was doing mesotherapy and carboxytherapy, Singapore have now evolved to using high-tech machines utilising laser light, ultrasound and cold (E.g. CoolSculpting by Zeltiq) to bust fat away.

UltraShape Contour 1 Ver 1, a towering monster of a machine

UltraShape created a stir when it appeared on the market more than 5 years ago, partly because the old version, a towering monster which looked like a surgical torture device, turned heads wherever it was.

How it Works

UltraShape uses non-thermal focused ultrasound to selectively destroy fat cells mechanically. Till today, it remains the only non-invasive technology scientifically proven to instantly and selectively destroy fat cells.

After cell destruction, the cell debris and triglycerides from the destroyed fat cells are processed by the body’s natural physiological and metabolic pathways and removed from body.

And the best part – the treatment actually worked! Clinical studies showed visible and measurable reductions in the abdomen and thighs. However, the old machine was still full of problems. For one, the clumsy, non-egronomic design meant that the treatment was cumbersome and less than comforatble in terms of positioning and posture for the patient and the operator. Plus, we wished for more – the technology was promising, but the platform simply was not making use of it fully.

Contour 1 Ver 3 – Marked Improvements

 When UltraShape Contour 1 Ver 3 was launched last year, needless to  say, we were all thrilled. Ver 3 is exactly what we have been wishing for all these years.

First things first. V3 looks a million times better than the old platform, with curved lines and more a egronomic design. The machine, now almost half the size, is also movable so that it can be pushed from room to room for treatment, unlike the old version which was rooted in the ground.

The V3 comes with a extra treatment – RFVac™ vacuum-assisted radio frequency, which is to be done in addition to the UItraShape procedure. Both treatments work synergistically to contour the area even better.

More fat cells blasted away per shot with improved VDF technology

However, the most exciting improvement is not a visible one. V3 comes with Vertical Dynamic Focus™ (VDF) Pulsed Ultrasound Technology. The old UltraShape could only treat fat cells at a specific depth, but with the V3, the platform is now able to blast fat cells away at multiple depths with each single shot, translating to at least 25% more fat cells obliterated per treatment, and of course, much better results. Previously, my patients required at least 3 treatments to see any visible difference, but with the V3, we are now getting results with just 1 treatment!

UltaShape vs CoolSculpting

The stiff old UltraShape platform only allowed the abdomen and thighs to be treated, but now, we are treating everything, from the abdomen, thighs, to the arms, back and buttocks – wherever there is fat, the UltraShape is able to blast away. For men, the most commonly treated areas at the tummy and the flanks. For women, we mostly treat the tummy, flanks and thighs.

In recent months, the world has gone gaga over body contouring with the power of cooling – most patients ask for CoolSculpting by Zeltiq at our clinic these days. While CoolSculpting is revolutionary and blasts away more fat cells per session, Ultrashape has many advantages over CoolSculpting. For one, the area treated per session is much larger in during UltraShape compared to CoolSculpting. UltraShape is also able to reach areas where CoolSculpting may not be able to reach – such as the arms and outer thighs. Finally, each session of UltraShape also takes less time compared to CoolSculpting, and hence it is a very suitable procedure for the busy man and woman.

I often assess my patients first, the tailor a plan for them with either treatment, often both. I just underwent UltraShape yesterday for my flanks (after receiving less than flattering feedback about my ballooning waistline!). Both flanks took me barely an hour, and the treatment was very comfortable. Eagerly awaiting the results, hopefully in time for our annual retreat!


  1. Hi,
    I was thinking of trying Coolsculpting when I came across Ultrashape. While I do see some advantages Ultrashape enjoys, isn’t it also true that Ultrashape costs significantly more? Would appreciate your feedback on this including the actual cost of Ultrashape. Thanks!