Video: Carbon Dioxide Fractional Resurfacing Laser for Nose Acne Scars


The carbon dioxide fractional laser is often used to treat acne scars.

Although the technology is already more than 10 years ago, it still has its place in aesthetic and dermatological practice. They are excellent for stubborn scars, such as ice pick and box car scars.

In my practice, I often use the CO2 laser for scars on the nose, which are often very difficult to treat. During the treatment, precise, micro-ablative Columns (MACs) are created, allowing new skin and collagen to grow. You can expect some crusting of the skin for up to 5 days.

Sun avoidance is absolutely necessary. I always tell my patients that carbon dioxide fractional resurfacing is not a “lunch-time” treatment. It is a strong, medical-grade treatment which requires proper pre- and post-care to prevent any side effects, and for the best results.


    • Hi Tom – You can expect redness for up to 3-5 days. There are newer, more effective treatments for scars now. Consult a doctor to find out more.