MINT LIFT – Korean PDO Thread Lift With Maximal Lift


    MINt Lift vs PDO thread Dr Siew

    The MINT LIFT officially arrived in Singapore a few months ago. The non-surgical thread lift has become one of the more popular skin lifting procedures around the world. There are many brands and types of thread lifts, including Silhouette Soft, APTOS, Happy Lift for example. The Korean PDO thread lift, in particular, is one of the most widely performed procedures, in part due to its convenience and good results.


    Previously, I described down the different types of Korean PDO Thread Lifts . With PDO threads there are many confusing names, but they can largely be classified into a 2 groups: Barbed or non-barbed. The barbed threads can further divided as shown in he diagram. The types of barbs differ – they can be either cut or molded. There are many brands of PDO threads. Some of the more popular ones include N-Cog, ART Lift, the Blue Rose, and of course, the MINT Lift.

    PDO Threads classification Dr Siew
    Broadly, PDO Threads can be classified into these large groups


    The MINT Lift is the only FDA approved PDO thread lift. The MINT lift thread is a barbed thread. However, instead of the normal barbs, MINT threads have molded barbs, shaped like an arrow. The molded barbs are also arranged in a helical configuration, to hook on the skin tissue it is trying to lift in a 3-dimensional fashion.

    The MINT threads are able to achieve this unique configuration through a patented molding press technology used in the manufacturing process. For other PDO threads, the barbs are cut into the body of the thread. This weakens the tensile strength of the thread, decreasing its pulling power.

    MINT Lift lifting power

    The molded barbs of MINT thread lift have these advantages over other PDO Threads:

    1. Stronger tensile strength due to better thread integrity as the barbs are not cut into the body of the thread
    2. Stronger lifting power, due to the molded arrow barbs which have a larger surface area to hook onto skin tissues. Each molded barb is twice as large as a cutting barb. The helical configuration of the barbs also give a better lift.
    3. Long Lasting Lift, as the molded barbs do not degrade as fast as cutting barbs

    MINT Lift Barbs Dr Siew


    As we age, the fat and skin on our faces sag due to gravity and weaker supporting structures. MINT Lift is used for lifting sagging skin, and repositioning fat which occurs with aging. In my experience, the best areas where it works is the jowls, the cheeks, the jawline, and the double chin area. After the treatment, the skin is visibly more lifted, firmer, and more youthful. As with other PDO threads lifts, the MINT Lift produces several beneficial effects in the skin:

    • Instant Skin Lifting through mechanical effects
    • Cellular Renewel, through Collagen stimulation, and neovascularisation to improve skin texture, fine lines and elasticity
    • Skin Tightening, by contracting fat tissue

    MINT LIFT Treatment Areas Dr Siew


    The MINT Lift is performed in a very similar way to other thread lifting procedures. After planning, your face is cleansed. Local anesthesia is injected, and the threads are inserted either via a cannula (blunt needle) or with a needle. You can see an example of the procedure here.

    MINT Lift Procedure Dr Siew

    The MINT lift has one of the  strongest lifting and pulling power amongst the non-invasive thread lifts. While this means the procedure gives you more visible results, it also means that side effects can be amplified as well.

    The possible side effects from a thread lift. such as:

    • Swelling and bruising
    • Skin dimpling and puckering
    • Asymmetry
    • Pain after procedure

    can be more pronounced than with other PDO thread lift procedures. These side effects, however, can be minimised if your doctor has enough experience. Hence, always look for a doctor who knows what he or she is doing. Ask for serial photos – of the patient before, immediately after, and months after, to understand what the recovery period is like, and to have realistic expectations of what the procedure can do for you.


    The non-invasive thread lift, such as the MINT Lift is an excellent procedure to lift sagging skin, but it cannot replace a surgical facelift. There are some instances when surgery is required to achieve the desired results. Often, the thread lift needs to be combined with other procedures such as fillers and toxins for best results. Also, other skin-lifting procedures, such as Ultherapy, actually work better for some patients.

    Have an extensive conversation with a doctor who is familiar with the different skin lifting modalities and treatments, to have a comprehensive understanding, of whether the non-invasive thread lift is the right procedure for you!


    1. 1. how does a doctor decide which type of threadlift to do amongst all the different threadlift types? 2. how long does the lift achieved by the threadlift last? 3. would the type of threadlift you do now preclude other cosmetic procedures when the lift effect has ceased? 4. how much would a mint threadlift cost? 5. if i come for a consultation, what are the consult fees and can they be offset against the cost of the procedure if I decide to do the procedure advised in the consult?

    2. Dr Siew, I have the same questions as Joyce can you pls provide me more info on this? Also, a friend of mine tried this, I saw good results. but her dermatologist reminder her not to was her face with hot or warm water as the thread will dissolved. Is that true? Thanks

    3. Hi doctor siew,
      I’m also interested and would like a reply on the questions asked by both Joyce & Jenny 🙂
      Hear from u soon. Thanks doctor!

    4. Hi Mr Siew,
      I’m 58years of age, concern about sagging jowls and deep marionette lines.
      1. how does a doctor decide which type of threadlift to do amongst all the different threadlift types?
      2. how long does the lift achieved by the threadlift last?
      3. Any sedation needed?
      4. Cost of mint threadlift?
      5. Consultation fee?
      6. How many surgical facelifts have you done thus far ?
      7. How many years have you been doing specifically face lifts?
      8. Will I get to see before and after results of your patients?
      Thank you Dr Siew!😊

      • Hi Carolyne,

        You have many questions which are best addressed during a face-to-face consultation.

        Please call the clinic at 6837-0507 to make an appointment for a consultation.

        Thank you.

    5. Dr Siew, Thank you for such a helpful post. I have read that PDO threads can denature fat, hence some practitioners are using them in the chin to get rid of double chin, or knees etc. Is there a danger of fat loss if they are used in the face? I want to keep my face fat!

      • Hi Aleryn, thanks for your question. Using thread lift is an ideal way to reposition and lift saggy skin without causing any fat loss on the skin. Seek your doctor’s opinion on how you can benefit from a thread lift procedure.

    6. Dr Siew,

      I’m 32 years old, and I’ve been looking for a solution to minimize the shadows I’ve began to see beneath my eyes and at my nasolabial folds… the sagging is minimal, but I’ve still found that the smallest amount of lift in my mid-face made them disappear completely. I went to see a doctor near me about MINT threads and his receptionist said I wouldn’t be a great candidate because my cheek bones would make it so that the threads would show. I’ve never considered myself to have prominent cheek bones tho. She urged me instead to invest in thousands of dollars of fillers that would add volume to my face in places I never even had it as a kid… I don’t want to look like someone else, I just want to look awake. Is there any truth to what I was told, or is there a different thread or technique that could get me the results I’m seeking? I’m trying to decide if it would be wise to seek out a different doctor who may not be as reliant on fillers to mold faces, or if I just have to come to terms with it.

      • Hi Rollie – Thanks for sharing with me your experience. Apologies but I am unable to comment on what is suitable for you because I have not done a face-to-face consultation with you. Please go to an experienced doctor you trust and listen to what he/she has to say before you decide for yourself what suits you best.