Rejuran S and Rejuran Healer – Difference and Similarities


Rejuran has been making waves since it arrived on our sunny shores one and half years ago. It continued the trend of injected skin- boosting treatments. Not too long ago, SkinBoosters was hugely popular in Singapore – a treatment that delivers soft hyaluronic acid fillers under the skin to provide deep hydration to the skin for a healthy glow.

Rejuran Healer is also known by various terms such as PN, PDRN Therapy, Miracle Healer, or 婴儿针(translated literally as baby injection). Following the success of its product, parent company PharmaResearch as gone on to launch other Rejuran products, 2 of which are now available in Singapore: 

Rejuran S– for acne scars 

Rejuran I – for rejuvenating of the under eye area

As I have many enquiries about the difference between Rejuran Healer and Rejuran S, I will explain some similarites and difference here. 

What is Rejuran Healer?

Designed to provide reparative and restorative functions, Rejuran Healer is made of biological molecules called polynucleotides (PN). 

Polynucleotides may sound vaguely familiar, because it is a polymer molecule is composed of several nucleotide units, forming what most of us are more familiar with (and learned about in Secondary school) – DNA

The 2 main effects of Rejuran Healer, or PN/PDRN are:

  1. Wound healing – through stimulation of growth factors, increased microcirculation,
  2. Anti-inflammatory – through scavenging of free radicals and blockage of inflammatory cytokines in the body.

The DNA extract in Rejuran Healer is obtained from salmon. Salmon DNA is used because it is found to have the same DNA components as humans, making it a very safe treatment for most people.  Studies have shown that salmon DNA is a key compoundfor encouraging skin repair. In fact, doctors have been using salmon DNA for several years to treat chronic diabetic foot ulcers.

You can learn more about Rejuran Healer in a previous article I wrote. 

Beneficial effects of Rejuran Healer

By injecting tiny amounts into the superficial layers of the skin, it provides the following benefits:

  • Regulates and normalizes the skin, controlling oil production and skin thickening
  • Improves skin barrier by repairing the skin
  • Enhances skin elasticity and skin tone

PN works by increasing the cellular activities in the skin called fibroblasts. It stimulates the skin to regenerate key compounds of the skin that we lost as we age or when there was trauma to the skin. Another unique function of PN is that it mechanically creates a scaffold for cells and extracellular matrix to form a 3-dimensional structure to plump up and thicken the skin.

Rejuran S vs Rejuran Healer

Rejuran S is a newer product in the Rejuran range of products. It was designed for treating acne scars. 

Rejuran Healer and Rejuran S are made of the same compound. Rejuran S is manufactured as a more viscous version of Rejuran Healer. The PN concentration is similar at 2%. Because Rejuran S is used for more treating targeted areas rather than the full face, it also comes in pre-filled 1ml syringes rather than the 2ml of Rejuran Healer. 

Both Rejuran Healer and Rejuran S are injected into the skin via tiny needles. Rejuran S can also be introduced into the skin using a cannula to plump up large, rolling scars. 

How are depressed acne scars formed?

Depressed acne scars are formed by the injury and inflammation to the skin caused by acne. When the acne goes away and the skin goes into repair mode, the skin generates collagen to heal itself.

Most of the time, the collagen production is insufficient which leads to a depression as compared to the surrounding skin (hence the term “atrophic acne scar”). Sometimes, twisted bands may form, causing fibrous tissue to pull the skin downwards to form large, rolling scars. Acne scars are a complex problem requiring careful diagnosis and multiple treatment modalities to treat.

Rejuran S: Advanced, targeted treatment for deep, pitted acne scars

Laser treatments such as the Carbon Dioxide resurfacing laser still still the mainstay for most types of acne scars. However, Rejuran S is best suited as a targeted treatment for severe depressed acne scars, which cannot be treated with lasers alone. 

Rejuran S builds on the unique ability of PN to plump up depressed acne scars by creating a 3-dimensional scaffold for collagen formation. Being more viscous, Rejuran S works 2 fold: 

  • By immediately plumbing up the scar to make it immediately less visible, much like a dermal filler. However, this effect is temporary and does not represent the final result of the treatment. 
  • By creating a stronger scaffold compared to Rejuran Healer, so that more fibroblasts can stimulate collagen production for acne scar improvement. 

Like Rejuran Healer, the full effects of the treatment takes several months. It is best repeated at least 3 times, so produce the effects which we want. 


  1. Hi Dr Siew,

    How soon can we see the results of rejuran healer after 2 sessions for fine lines and pigmentation?

  2. Hi Dr. Siew,

    I would like to ask if renjuran s is temporary or permanent? Because im hearing from various sources mentioning it is permanent and confused.

    What treatment would u suggest to cover up chicken pox scar hole on nose?

    • Hi Arwin,

      Rejuran S is generally a good treatment for scars. However, the doctor needs to assess your scar before deciding what treatment is best to treat the scar on the nose. Fillers and CO2 laser may be suitable treatments.