Lutronic Genius – More Than Just an Infini Upgrade


    Laser companies come up with upgraded versions of their machines all the time. Therefore, when I was first introduced to the Lutronic Genius – an upgrade of the Infini, in November 2019 in Seoul, I had my doubts about whether the machine offered any significant advantages.

    Infini – A Excellent Treatment for Acne Scars

    I love the Lutronic Infini – a device which delivers radiofrequency energy into the skin via microneedles, to tighten skin(1) and plump up depressed scars (2). It is one of the most commonly performed treatments in my practice for acne scars. However, acne scars are notoriously difficult to treat. Even with the Infini, I will need at least 3 sessions to see good results, sometimes requiring up to 8 sessions.

    Lutronic Genius Finally Arrives in Singapore

    The Lutronic Genius was FDA cleared (3) in 2018. Doctors in the USA have been getting very good results from the treatment. I was very fortunate to be the first doctor in Singapore to experience the Genius in my clinic more than a month ago. As with every new machine I try, I am at first skeptical, despite what other doctors say. Today, I am very excited to announce that we are now the first clinic in Singapore offering the treatment. Needless to say, I am convinced that the Genius offers significant advantages for my patients compared to the Infini. Here is why.

    Lutronic Genius – The Technology

    Similar to the INIFINI treatment, Genius uses RadioFrequency (RF) technology to deliver thermal energy through micro-needles into the dermis (4). It works by creating controlled micro-puncture wounds on the skin’s surface, which acts as delivery channels for fractional RF heat to deliver into the skin using 49 microscopic needles (5) .

    The dual action of creating micro-puncture wounds and delivering of precise RF energy into the dermis stimulate the skin’s collagen and elastin production, plumping up areas of skin indentation to make depressed acne scars less visible.

    Each Genius tip has 49 titanium microneedles.

    Genius – Improvements Over Infini

    The Infini treatment works by delivering RF energy into the skin. The doctor sets the energy level, needle depth, and pulse duration. However, there is a problem. What we set may not be what we deliver into the skin, as one big factor which is not taken into consideration is the impedance of the skin. Impedance is similar to resistance – it is a measure of the overall opposition of a circuit to current. And because our skin composition is different at different parts, impedance changes and this affects the effective amount of energy which is delivered during an Infini treatment. Essentially we are driving blind when we perform the Infini as well as other microneedling radio-frequency treatments.

    The Genius overcomes this problem by using intelligent technology to analyse the skin before it delivers each shot, allowing for real-time feedback during the procedure. This means that the energy from every shot is delivered exactly the way we want it. It is the only microneedling RF device on the market able to do this.

    Other changes from the infini include:

    1. Finer, sharper needles for better, more precise penetration
    2. A better motor which gives better torque when driving needles into the skin (4)

    With these improvements, the Genius is now the best-in-class microneedling RF device. The improvements are so significant, that it is a whole new device in itself, rather than an upgrade from the Infini.

    A video showing the needle insertion process comparing the Genius with other microneedling RF platforms. They are all set at 2.5mm and slowed down at the same rate. Sharper needles and a better motor allows more precise penetration of needles, at the desired depth and pulse duration. This means more consistent results from your treatment.

    Genius – Intelligent Technology – What It Means

    It took me awhile to fully appreciate the beauty of Genius’ intelligent technology. To understand it better, we first need to know how microneedling RF works.

    Microneedling RF is a unique treatment in that unlike other lifting treatments like High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), it volumises the skin (hence it is so effective for plumping up depressed acne scars). To achieve this, it aims to heat the reticular (deep) dermis to a temperature of between 55 and 75 degrees celsius. At this temperature, tissue coagulation occurs. Collagen formation is induced.

    Conversely, if the temperature becomes too high at over 80 degrees celsius, tissue desiccation occurs. This occurs in HIFU, and fractional lasers like the CO2. This creates a void in skin tissue, and reduction of volume, rather than volumisation, occurs.

    With the Infini and other older microneedling RF platforms, 2 problems prevent us from accurately heating up skin tissue to the desired target – needle penetration depth (as shown in the video above), and inaccurate energy delivery due to varying tissue impedance. That is why we sometimes get good results and sometimes we just don’t.

    The Lutronic Genius® platform’s intelligent technology ensures that energy delivery is consistent with every shot, and this results in consistent tissue heating to the desired temperature. It is pretty amazing if you think about it – The platform is so clever that the power and pulse duration varies from shot to shot.

    Intelligent technology ensures that what we said is what is delivered into our patients’ skin.
    Genius volumises the skin through collagen stimulation

    Lutronic Genius – What the Technology Translates into, Clinically

    All these technology is only as good as what it can offer my patients, and fortunately, it delivers what it promises, consistently.

    My patients are seeing visible results in skin tightening, lifting and acne scars in just a single session. 2 to 3 sessions are recommended for even better results. I am not allowed to show before-after pictures online, however I will be glad to share them with you during a consult. You can see some of them on the global Genius page.

    The Genius Can be used to treat the face neck and other parts of the body. It is excellent for:

    1. Skin tightening and lifting on the face and neck
    2. Acne Scars
    3. Tightening loose skin on the abdomen (e.g.) post pregnancy and other parts of the body

    Other more interesting indications include:

    1. Improving stretch marks
    2. treating hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

    This week I said goodbye to my trusted Lutronic Infini. It is a bittersweet feeling. I have performed thousands of the procedure. It has changed the way that I treat acne scars. However, I am even more excited that now, as I know I can give my patients the results they and I have always wanted, every single session, with the Lutronic Genius.

    Goodbye Infini, Hello Genius!


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      • Hi Lori – Thanks for your question. Genius/INFINI is generally suitable for most skin types. However, it is important to seek a face-to-face consultation with the doctor to determine your suitability for this treatment.